Saturday, May 19, 2012

Writing the Book on Frederic Weinberg

We are currently completing a book on Frederic Weinberg and the Frederic Weinberg Company.

Weinberg was a prolific artist. His abstract, stylized, and modernistic work spanned three decades.

We would welcome any information on either Weinberg or the Weinberg Company. We are particularly interested in information on Weinberg's career in the early 1950's, especially as it pertains to lamps and lighting, and anything before 1945.

If you have an obscure or custom piece, or, simply one that you have never seen before, we'd love to see it. Email us at


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Philadelphia Magazine Article

A couple of years ago our home was profiled in the January issue of Philadelphia magazine. We did it mostly to see if we might find anyone in the area who might have worked at, or for, The Frederic Weinberg Company (or have information on anything relating to it). Take a look!